Improve your mathematics? 

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

 Is it true that practice makes perfect for mathematics?

 Results have shown that those pupils who do more practices on mathematics are generally performing better in the examinations. So it is difficult for me to argue that practice makes perfect is the wrong way of learning mathematics. A student will certainly want to achieve good grades for mathematics and he will  have to study hard to achieve good  grades. So a student may practise and practise ...... 

Learning Mathematics is not all about focusing on the results achieved in the examinations. You need to see beyond what this subject can benefit you if you can master it and fully understand its concepts.

Mathematics can be dynamic and abstract. There are so many applications. It makes you think logically and learn better in other areas. When learning mathematics, I will emphasise on two components Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Skill. You need both components to advance well in Mathematics.