Make Learning Fun

Learning Mathematics should be a hobby and not a subject. The learning journey is liked taking a hike at a beautiful terrain where you can enjoy the breeze and scenery. During the journey, you will like to explore as much as you can. There should not have any boundary. Take your time and enjoy the journey. 


You must start with the right learning attitude. You must believe that Mathematics improves your thinking skills; it helps your brain to grow and develop better. 


To make learning fun, you need to make learning simple. Slowly tackle the topics step by step. Do not rush to know everything in a short period of time. Some concepts just make clearer to you once you have enough information and enough practice. Logical analysis only appear at certain age, some are early, some are late. Many questions are set at too high level which often kills the learning interest. Only some pupils are able to perform higher order thinking  questions, majority are struggling to stay afloat.


I remember that I had only learned basic concepts during my school days; my foundation is strong but with limited application knowledge. Nevertheless this does not stop me to advance well in mathematics. The Learner Interest in Mathematics is very important; solve only questions that strengthen your concepts. Higher order thinking question can only test how mature is your thinking, not mathematics. Learner's Interest will drop once they discover that after spending so much time in Mathematics, they still cannot perform well. Do plan carefully and select the types of questions that help you in the conceptual understanding.