Procedural Skills

Procedural Skills is the systematic approach how you solve the problem sums. Most mathematics questions can be solved by systematic approach. Every question has a solution and there are few approaches to derive the solution. You can memorise all the steps and answer any question by applying those steps. Each step is logical flow to you and you know those steps very well. You can solve problem sums without understanding the solution, especially for higher level mathematics.

 Procedural Skill can be acquired by lots of practice to memorise the steps of the solution. Procedural Skill is not easy to master as there are too many different types of questions. You need to practice and do all different types of questions and to memorise the solutions, this is very time consuming and you need to have a mega memory.

 As for examination purposes, procedural skill normally gives you a great help. The questionnaires for the examination are limited. You need to check the past years examination papers and do a summary of the types of questions being asked. By going through the list, you are able to find out what are the types of questions you need to practise. 

Bear in mind that learning mathematics should go beyond the results you want to achieve. Procedural skills can only help you to score well in the examination, it does not mean you understand the whole concept of relating topic. Those pupils who depend too much on procedural skills will eventually face problems in the higher mathematics at  'A' level or University.